2019 foLksong for ensemble
2019 Impra (in cooperation with Alicja and Mariusz Jodko and Anna Zielińska) for an improvising violinist, electronics and video
2018 Nonbagatelle for accordion and bass accordion
2018 Zwrotki (Verses) for saxophone orchestra, tuba and percussion set
2017 SubMelodie for alto saxophone and piano
2017 Linea for multipercussion and electronics
2017 GRAzioso for 5 instruments
2017 The first command (Pierwsze dowództwo) – a suite for a chamber group based on the motifs of Joseph Conrad’s novel, The shadow line 
2017 @piacere – interactive installation (in cooperation with Dariusz Jackowski)
2017 KropkoLinie for violin and harp
2017 Semi-keys (Półtonacje) for symphony orchestra and electronics
2017 Misty melodies (Mgliste melodie) for cello and piano
2017 Gregoriady for flute and chamber ensemble
2017 DysKulacje for 5 instruments
2017 AntiBuzz for viola and electronics 
2017 Mobile for piano 4 hands
2016 Gregor Samsa (audiostage piece)
2016 InterGerencje for flute, double bass, ensemble and electronics
2016 Flash 70 for symphony orchestra
2016 Duello a 3 for flute, violin and viola
2016 n-Cyclus for symphony orchestra
2015-16 Wroclaw Cantata, part 4, Rebuilding, Flood, Rebuilding (project FLOW) for choir and orchestra
2015 Re-imAginy for ensemble and electronics
2015 Acoustic dialogues for two piano
2015 Primes for violin solo
2015 X for (not necessarily professional) ensemble
2014 Goliady for harp, cello and piano
2014 JaMboree for flute, contrabassoon and piano
2014 ReVerse 3  for clarinet, double bass and piano
2014 A-live for two random instruments and computer
2014 TRANCEition for 4-6 performers
2014 Sinfonia moderna for accordion, marimba, choir and orchestra
2014 Quadro a due +1  for 4 violins, computer and marimba
2014 Flow 3  for electric guitar, bass clarinet and electronics
2014 ReVerse 4  for violin, clarinet, cello and piano
2013 Orient bis for flute solo
2013 3 songs for soprano and organ to words by Emily Dickinson
2013 ReVerse 2  for viola and accordion
2013 ReVerse for marimba solo
2013 Hierophonos F-E-C-H  for orchestra
2012 When I think… Three pictures for piano
2012 Duello for violin and flute
2012 Puzzle for viola solo
2012 Angular clouds for viola solo
2012 Cut story for accordion solo
2011 Unireum for large symphonic orchestra
2011 Children’s epigrams for piano
2011 What Once Was Great – Three songs for baritone and piano to words by Czesław Miłosz
2011 …Stretched for strings
2011 Denosora for 3 percussion gropus and winds
2011 Phant for violin solo
2011 Barocco na klawesyn solo
2010 3 songs for male voice and piano to words by Kazimierz Przerwy-Tetmajer
2010 String quartet
2009 The bird’s-eye view for flute solo
2009  Archaikum for chamber string orchestra
2009 Orient for flute solo
2008-09 Contrafluctum for symphonic orchestra
2008-09 Varianti for violin and piano